Recognizing the Signs

The National Hotline

Out of Egypt Network

Our goal is to build a community that is street smart and determined to keep their neighborhoods and cities slave free. That means that perpetrators of human trafficking of any kind will not be able to hide their victims in plain sight anymore. This also means that we take responsibility for our communities and realize that we are all in danger if we allow others to be enslaved among us. All you have to do is be aware, tell someone and expect results. 
(Remember to put the hotline in you cell phone right now!)

Ask questions if a situation seems odd to you.
Educate yourself on the different types of human trafficking.
Contact us so that we can help get you and your friends informed.

Here are some signs you should look for:
  1. Does a neighbor have a nanny or housekeeper that rarely is seen outside and doesn't speak to you?
  2. Is there a house with traffic of men coming in and out?
  3. Did you notice something not quite right about a restaurant's employee?
  4. Is there a young girl out on the street that you assume is there by choice? (Anyone marketed for sex under the age of 18 is considered trafficked)
  5. Has someone said they are being hurt and you did not take them seriously or thought were "on something" or "not quite right"?
  6. Did you see girl in a pornographic film that you thought may be drugged or not there by choice? (Your call is confidential if you ask for it to be. - Out of Egypt Network and the National Hotline are not here to judge anyone. Our concern is to help victims.)
  7. Do you know of women being filmed without their knowledge? (These crimes put women in incredible danger. - These are important calls to make and ones that Out of Egypt will gladly keep your information confidential.)
Remember you can be anonymous and possibly save someone's life.  You may be the last person someone sees or asks for help. You don't have to be sure and you can call the Hotline and Out of Egypt just to say what you saw and tell them you want to make sure they are aware of a possible victim.


Warning signs of possible sexual assault crimes

The following may be a form of Human Trafficking of foreigners or U.S. citizens:

"I Think I may have been drugged."
This may be an indication of drug-facilitated sex crime.

"I think someone has been watching me."
This may be an indication of stalking.

"I think I may have been filmed."
This may be an indication of a pornography ring in which someone was captured on camera without their knowledge or consent.

"I'm not sure what is happening to me, but I'm sure I am being violated."
Victims are sometimes slipped drugs (such as Rohypnol or GHB) without their knowledge that leave no trace in their system, and also leave no memory. These cases are very hard to investigate, as the victims many times cannot give a description of their perpetrator(s).

The problem of internal trafficking is increasing in the United States.

REMEMBER: Whoever you report to  about Human Trafficking  or any sex crime, they should take you seriously. If you have a hard time being heard, call the Hotline and Out of Egypt Network.